Sway updated with Power BI support, recent Office document access, more

Staff Writer

Microsoft’s Sway application has recently seen a funneling of updates to its software. Today the Office team announces the latest batch of updates to be added as part of a monthly update cycle that implements ideas from UserVoice directly into Sway. Let’s the a look at the latest additions.

  • Recent Office Documents

When working inside of Sways users now have the ability to embed or import, their most recent Office documents. By tapping Insert and selecting OneDrive, users will be presented with a Recent tab where all their most recent documents are saved.

Recent Office Documents
  • Power BI Embeds

Users can now embed visual and interactive analytic reports using Power BI dynamic dashboards, straight into their business-related Sways.

  • PollEverywhere.com Embeds

A popular request from teachers now lets all users embed live polls from www.polleverywhere.com into Sways, with live poll results inside their presentations.

  • Embed Sways easier on the web

Sway now supports Embed.ly and oEmbed codes, allowing users to easily embed Sways on websites or blogs. Simply copying the Sway URL and pasting into blog sites, such as WordPress, will embed your sway with proper formatting.

  • Full-Text Editing in Preview Mode

Users of Sway have always had the ability to edit text in Preview mode, this latest update adds the full set of text editing tools, from the Sway Storyline, into the Preview mode.

Full Text Editing
  • Emphasize Text Cards

When putting emphasis on certain words, users now have to ability to emphasize an entire text card within their Sway, with new visual styling to help the words stand out more.

Text Card Emphasis
  • Adjust Sway Text Size

Users now can adjust their entire Sways text size, without changing adjustments made to individual text cards. In the Design tab, users can select Customize and use sliders to adjust Text size.

Text Size Adjustment

Alongside bug and performances fixes for this latest update, Microsoft is also focused on new updates for the Windows 10 version of Sway. Available soon, this update will add the online features like Recycle Bin, full-text editing and full-screen improvements to Sway for Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

These newest updates are available today on Sway.com. How are these latest updates improving your Sway experience? Let us know in the comments.