Surface Laptop 3 screens are cracking, Microsoft is silent so far

Kareem Anderson

Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft’s attempt at conventional laptop devices in the Surface Laptop 3 is a relative success for the company, as quarterly earnings mark an additional billion-dollar revenue bump for the business.

However, after three years of steady refinement and improvement in the category sector, Microsoft may be in dire need of tweaks to its quality control processes as users of its Surface Laptop 3 model are reporting issues of “cracking” screens as of late.

Brought to our attention by Rafael Rivera on Twitter, it seems Reddit threads within the Microsoft and Surface communities are filling up with complaints about Surface Laptop 3 screens cracking.


Surface Laptop 3 Cracked Screen
by u/StokerPoker in Surface

Surface Laptop 3 screen cracked
by u/yvgh233 in Surface

As of now, there hasn’t been an official word from Microsoft regarding warranties, recalls or replacement procedures. Victims in the Reddit threads are filling them in with anecdotal experiences ranging from having the whole computer comp’d to arguing for extended warranties. There doesn’t appear to be a clear method to addressing the issue with Microsoft right now, but we’ll update if things change.