Superhuman for Windows is finally here

Kevin Okemwa

Superhuman for Windows

At $30 per month, you can access Superhuman ” the fastest email experience ever made.” The email tool will help you navigate through your inbox twice as fast, and help you save up to three hours or more every single week.

Last year, the company announced the availability of Superhuman for Outlook which featured a visually gorgeous interface, insights from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter built-in, an Undo Send feature, AI-powered important mail detection, and more. During its inception, the company mainly focused on Gmail, but there was a growing need to bring the experience to Outlook.

Since then, the company’s investment in the Microsoft ecosystem has been very apparent. Yesterday, the company announced the debut of Superhuman for Windows. Users had previously expressed their interest to have the experience ship to their Windows devices, and it’s now available.

While speaking to OnMSFT the company indicated that:

The Superhuman Windows app enables users to easily separate their inbox from other apps to eliminate distractions and achieve a new level of focus so they can fly through their inboxes. And it’s packed with all of the great features that Superhuman customers have come to know and love, including Split Inbox, Snippets, Reminders, Calendar, and so much more!

It’s also worth noting that you can use Superhuman for Windows with Gmail and Outlook accounts. Do you use the email experience? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.