Microsoft reels in Superfish, adds definition to Windows Defender

Sean Michael

Microsoft reels in Superfish, adds definition to Windows Defender

Microsoft’s Windows Defender has reportedly been updated to remove the dangerous Superfish program that Lenovo had preinstalled on customer’s computer. “The Verge” also further explains that in addition to removing the software, Windows Defender will reset SSL certificates that Superfish worked around.

Earlier this week we reported that Lenovo, the largest PC maker in the world, preinstalled a program called “Superfish” that can view customer’s secure information such as bank details and healthcare information. Joseph Finney’s breakdown more thoroughly explains how this preinstalled adware is a threat to users and is an indication of Lenovo lowering its standards.

In short, Lenovo placed profits in front of the security of consumers. While preinstalled software is plentiful in the technological world, it is more of a nuisance than a safety hazard. We’ll have to wait and see if there is a backlash against the tech giant.

Customers should make sure that their Windows Defender is up to date and run a scan to get rid of the adware. There are certain to be more details that come forward regarding this story but for now Windows Defender is taking steps to fix a critical security risk.