Subway Surfers debuts as a Windows 10 Mobile app this week, drops Windows Phone 8 support

Michael Cottuli

Subway Surfers Phone

Every once in a while, we all just want to sit down and play around with a casual mobile game. Subway Surfers fits that bill perfectly, offering players a Temple Run-like experience where they run along a linear path, switching between lanes and navigating obstacles to collect points. The game has its share of fans, and displays a nice amount of polish for a mobile game, touting bright colors and nice looking animations for those who just want to enjoy a game full of simple fun.

For those who want to try out Subway Surfers on Windows 10 Mobile, we’ve gotten word from Kiloo, the game’s developer, that the game will be available on Windows 10 Mobile very soon – later this week, in fact. With the added support for Windows 10 Mobile, the game will, unfortunately, stop being supported on Windows Phone 8. While it most likely won’t be unplayable by Windows Phone 8 users, the game will no longer be receiving any of the new updates.

Here’s what Kiloo told us:

We are working on Subway Surfers versions for Windows for mobile. The next update should be available on Windows 10 for mobile.

Subway Surfers, World Tour: Prague is the last update available for Windows Phone 8.
No further updates are planned for Windows Phone 8.

We’ll see how the new update runs on Windows 10 Mobile, and if the movement to the new OS ends up making a difference for users going forward.