Study: Xbox Live performs better than Sony’s PlayStation Network

Kit McDonald

The competition between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation has always been a hot topic. The Xbox and PS4 consoles are constantly compared and fans meet head to head in debates of which is better. The same could be said for their social gaming networks where players log in, load up games, invite friends, and spend most of their time. But for Microsoft, that it’s no longer a mystery on whom the clear victor is.

According to IHS Markit, Xbox Live has scored higher than PlayStation Network. The report was a result of side by side testing to compare the two gaming networks to each other’s capabilities. They were tested in three distinct categories: Reliability, Speed, and Overall Quality.


Xbox Live outperformed the PlayStation Network in terms of reliability. Logging into the Network and Game Servers were clearly in Xbox’s favor. It was a tighter competition in terms of uninterrupted play, but still Xbox Live came out on top. The one area that PlayStation Network took the score in terms of reliability was the ability to find players through the matchmaker.


Another clear winner for Xbox Live once again was logging into the network and game servers which was much faster than those on the PlayStation Network. Uploading was even faster for the Xbox One, but as with the reliability testing, the matchmaking wasn’t up to snuff and PlayStation Network found some points in their favor once more.

Overall Quality

According to the report, this is the category that combined the reliability and speed while also taking note of other features such as the speed of joining another player’s party and the quality of voice chat. Once more, Xbox Live took the cake for all of these except for matchmaking.

Xbox Live has gone ‘ham’ with the news and rightfully so. Their new web page shows off the report’s results with some gloating. “What does it mean to be the fastest gaming network?” one question asks with a well-written answer to allow gamers faster and more reliable tasks such as logging in, loading games, finding friends, and sharing rewards.

If you’d like to read the full Xbox Live vs PlayStation Network report, be sure to check it out.