StoreParser website brings back the Xbox One game deals

Arif Bacchus

Xbox One

One week ago, Microsoft had blocked StoreParser, an automatic price checking service for Xbox games, from listing Xbox Store deals. A short 7 days later, the website is now back and is once again listing the Xbox One game deals.

StoreParser is Back
StoreParser is back

As seen in the screenshot above, the website is now listing the same Xbox deals which Major Nelson previously noted are available on his website. In fact, Major Nelson had mentioned on Reddit that the StoreParser website was using an unapproved store API, which is likely why Microsoft had blocked the website from accessing store listings.  Some in the Xbox community, nonetheless, had protested the move by Microsoft and might happy now that the website is back up.

Are you glad to see that StoreParser is back? How did you search for Xbox Deals while the website was shut down? As always, please let us know your answers to these questions, and your other thoughts by dropping us a comment in the section below!