SteamVR exits early access on Windows Mixed Reality

Arif Bacchus

With yesterday’s release of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, SteamVR on Windows Mixed Reality has finally come out of early access. This follows several months of beta testing (and a period of 24 beta updates) in which the entire experience, overall performance, and stability evolved based on the feedback from early users.

The news means that there are now over 422 games in the Steam Store that officially declare support for Windows Mixed Reality. More SteamVR games also now support the Windows Mixed Reality controller haptic feedback function, and will also show virtual versions of the motion controllers inside games.

Valve also said in the message that it still has some work to do to make SteamVR a better experience for Windows Mixed Reality users, and there are plans to add in more customizable input options, and the ability to launch StteamVR from the Cliff House:

It’s important to clarify that today’s announcement doesn’t change anything about our ongoing commitment to our SteamVR experience and our community. We will continue to release regular updates with new fixes and features, and you will still find us here in the discussion forums. We aren’t going anywhere. In particular, we’ve heard the community’s requests for more customizable input and the ability to launch from the Cliff House. We’re investigating solutions and look forward to sharing more details soon!

Windows Mixed Reality is still a very young platform, but it’s nice to see that Valve remains committed to supporting it with SteamVR games. It will be exciting to see where things can go from here on out.