The Steam Deck now fully supports Xbox Cloud Gaming via Microsoft Edge Beta

Arif Bacchus

The Steam Deck just got a little more useful for those who own it. While it recently became possible to run Windows on the hand-held gaming machine, it is now also possible to enjoy Xbox Cloud Gaming using the device’s native controllers. (via The Verge.)

To accomplish the task, Microsoft worked with Valve, as it wasn’t previously possible to use the Steam Deck’s controllers with Xbox Cloud Gaming. Gamers previously had to use an external controller to get it working right. Now, through a new Beta Linux version of Microsoft Edge, support for the controllers was added, per Catherine Gluckstein, who is the head of product and strategy and Xbox Cloud Gaming at Microsoft.

If you’re hoping to try this out on your Steam Deck, you’ll need to head to the Discover Software Center part of SteamOS. A support page for the matter is available from Microsoft, and it’s just a short simple process of creating a shortcut, though some might not find it as easy.

Things are definitely looking good for enjoying Xbox titles on the Steam Deck, as you could have already played Xbox Game Studio titles on the device through the Steam Store. And, though it didn’t confirm anything, Valve’s CEO recently hinted at the possibility of Xbox Game Pass on the device as well.