State Bank of India CTO shares how Office 365 enables bank’s digital transformation

Abhishek Baxi

Shiv Kumar Bhasin, the Chief Technology Officer at State Bank of India (SBI) group has written a post on LinkedIn – Digital Transformation of the Bank needs Digital Workforce – where he talks about SBI’s digital transformation aided by Office 365 adoption.

State Bank of India is India’s largest bank. The public-sector bank has over 300,000 employees. Last month at the Future Decoded event in Mumbai, Satya Nadella shared that SBI was adopting Office 365 to drive communication and collaboration among its employees.

According to Shiv, digital transformation first requires digital transformation of the workforce. SBI group has introduced BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) by launching enterprise mobility management solution for its entire staff and have adopted Office 365 cloud staff productivity and collaboration solutions.

He states that a digital aware workforce can contribute and accelerate the digital transformation of the customer service touch-points.

The need for data, combined with today’s world’s hyperconnectivity, leads us to a new era, where Peter Drucker’s “knowledge worker” has given way to the “digital worker.”

The traditional premise of the knowledge worker who gathers, processes, and moves data around while spending valuable time creating reports is clearly ending as increases in computing power and data analysis speed force companies to move to predictive- and scenario-based decision making.

The digital worker is defined by the ability to have actionable, live data available at anytime and anywhere, which enables live reactions and decisions.

His post mentions that these initiatives are one of the key foundation step for making the largest bank of India as leading digital bank of India, where every employee has to convert themselves into engaged, productive, innovative, and digital worker.