Star Wars Battlefront II gets Last Jedi update on Xbox One

Kareem Anderson

Star Wars Battlefront 2 on Xbox One

Seems as though this holiday season is a little light on new gaming titles to purchase for these hot on the shelf consoles, but gaming studios are looking to circumvent disgruntled gamers voicing their frustration by offering value-add to existing titles.

Enter Electronic Arts with a new update to its latest critically acclaimed franchise installment, Star Wars Battlefront 2 which brings new content, address some user complaints and bug fixes for its holiday gamers.

Let’s get the boring fix it stuff out of the way:


Increased Sharp Shot damage from 190 to 200
Increased Sharp Shot range from 20 to 40 meters
Closing attacks for lightsaber wielders are canceled while in the smoke
The Hot and Cold Star Card now works as intended

Mind Control no longer blocks the target’s abilities
Survivor Star Card now has the correct description

Extra health gained by Presence is no longer removed when going on cooldown, instead, health starts depleting after 10 seconds
Increased Presence recharge time from 16 to 20 seconds
Increased Dash damage from 100 to 130
Presence no longer cancels Darth Vader’s Choke ability
Jedi Mentor Star Card now has the correct description
Master of the Force Star Card now works as intended
Agility Star Card now correctly grants 1 extra dash instead of 2

Emperor Palpatine
Increased health from 650 to 700
Increased maximum regeneration from 150 to 300
Increased regeneration rate from 50 to 75
Decreased 1-hand Force lightning cost from 15 stamina/sec to 10 stamina/sec
Decreased 2-handed Force lightning cost from 20 stamina/sec to 15 stamina/sec

Increased Bowcaster’s fire rate from 80 to 90
Increased Bowcaster’s Power increase per second from 0.9 to 2.5
Increased Bowcaster’s number of blaster shot from 1 to 3 on the base power modifier
The middle grenade of Shock Grenade is fired away from Chewbacca and not towards him
Increased Charge Slam’s radius from 3 to 6
Multi-Shock Star Card now the correct description
Multi-Shock Star Card now works as intended
Bonus Health Star Card now properly reward health bonus
Enemies defeated by Chewbacca’s Charge Slam are now sent flying

Increased Predator Instinct’s heat per bullet by 0.005
Decreasing Predator Instinct’s maximum possible active time while firing by 1 second
Adjusted Bossk’s Battle Points cost on certain maps

Boba Fett
Decreased each rank of bonus damage gained from Anti-hero rockets by 4
Decreased each rank of extra rockets gained from Intense Barrage by 1
For the Hunt doesn’t give back fuel to the jetpack anymore, instead, fuel won’t deplete while it is active
The jetpack icon will now turn yellow when Boba Fett uses the For the Hunt ability, indicating that jetpack fuel is unlimited while the ability is active
The Blaster Disabler ability no longer disables Boba Fett’s, or his allies’, blaster when triggered

Han Solo
Sharpshooting Frenzy Star Card now has the correct description

Leia Organa
Relentless Firing Star Cards now works as intended
High Spirit Star Card now works as intended

Darth Maul
Furious Throw can now damage objectives and vehicles

Fixed an issue where players would be invisible to each other in Versus Custom Arcade
Fixed an issue where Darth Vader’s Choke ability would instantly kill an enemy who stayed near a wall
Fixed an issue where Bossk’s Star Card Trap Arming Speed would not work as intended
Fixed some LOD issues
Fixed some VO issues
Fixed some UI scaling issues
Fixed some clipping issues
Fixed some lighting issues
Fixed some textures issues
Removed an invisible platform on Kamino
General bugfixes and polish

Made improvements in reducing game server lag on large game modes
Made improvements in reducing micro-stuttering/freezes during gameplay
Made improvements to the idle-kick logic that detects players who aren’t participating in the match
Reduced Flame Trooper damage over time effect and increase direct damage done to enemies in the center of the cone
Adjusted spawn positions on Hoth while playing Strike
Fixed an issue where players could use Jetpack Boost twice in a row, avoiding its cooldown
Fixed an issue where players could not deploy in the LAAT at certain times
Fixed an issue where players could spawn on top of each other at certain times
Fixed an issue where Credits are not rewarded properly to all players at End of Round
Fixed several localization and audio issues
Fixed several collision and traversal issues on Kashyyyk
Fixed several collision and traversal issues on Endor
Fixed several collision and traversal issues on Tatooine
Fixed several collision and traversal issues on Yavin 4
Fixed an issue where the player is unable to zoom in after throwing a Detonite Charge
Fixed an issue where Heroes could be instantly defeated if being run over by a Speeder
Fixed several scoring event issues
Unlocked the 2nd and 3rd Star Card slots for all four Trooper Classes
With these slots unlocked, all new players, and existing players, will receive three Common Star Cards per Trooper Class to fill out their hand
General bugfixes and polish
Several stability and performance improvements

Now on to the fun additional things this update brings and that fans like myself have been waiting for:

Introducing two new heroes!
– Finn joins the Resistance. A skilled soldier, Finn now uses his training to protect his allies at any cost. Finn charges into battle and deals precise damage blazingly fast to any enemies who dare stand in the way.
– And then we have the imposing commanding officer of the First Order: Captain Phasma. Few are more feared than Captain Phasma as she uses every tool at her disposal to ensure victory.

Iden Versio is back in the Resurrection DLC! She is searching for answers, while the secrets of a First Order conspiracy are revealed. This DLC contains three new campaign chapters that continue Iden’s saga in the Star Wars universe.

NEW MAP: CRAIT (Galactic Assault)
On the mineral planet Crait, the First Order has trapped a group of Resistance fighters at what was once a Rebel Alliance outpost. You’ll see the First Order escorting the massive AT-M6 while Resistance fighters in ski-speeders attempt to stop them.

NEW MAP: D’QAR (Starfighter Assault)
As you recall from The Force Awakens, D’Qar is the principal base of the Resistance. Now experience an incredible space battle over that planet as the First Order attacks, threatening to wipe out the base, and the Resistance, once and for all.

To spice up the space battle, we have also launched a new hero ship – Tallie Lintra’s RZ-2 A-wing. For Poe Dameron, there is a new hero ship upgrade for his T-70 X-wing.

The update is perfectly timed as fans will be undoubtedly watching the latest Start Wars movie and then itching to try out all the new content related to the film this weekend.

Let us know in the comments, your favorite experiences while playing Star Wars Battlefront or Battlefront 2.