Star Wars Battlefront II’s Ewok update is rolling out now to Xbox One consoles

Brad Stephenson

Star Wars Battelfront II video game on Xbox One

The highly anticipated Night on Endor update for Star Wars Battlefront II is finally rolling out to all Xbox One players in the next hour or so.

This latest update brings a new game mode called, Ewok Hunt, to Star Wars Battlefront II that pits Stormtroopers against Ewoks on the Forest Moon of Endor. As Stormtroopers are defeated, they respawn as Ewoks and assist in taking out the remainder of their former allies. The play style itself is rather unique to Battlefront II but the chance to play as an Ewok also has many players excited on social media.

Also in this update is the long overdue addition of Appearances for troops and heroes. This will allow players to customize the look of playable characters in-game. These character skins can be purchased with credits, which can be earned by playing the game, or crystals which can be bought with real-world money.

Star Wars Battlefront II had a similar micro transaction system before that involved buying randomly generated loot boxes. After a lot of negative feedback from players and press that accused the system of making the game pay-to-win (i.e. it would allow for players to pay money to become stronger), the developers removed it just before launch. The option to pay for visual customizations is a fair compromise on the issue as it allows for those involved in the game’s creation to earn additional revenue from players post-launch while not giving players an unfair advantage over one another by throwing money at their TV screen.

In addition to the Appearances and Night on Endor mode, this update also comes with a huge list of fixes and adjustments both to the game itself and the numerous playable characters. You can read the full, detailed notes here.

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