Spotify Apps launched in Beta, adds third-party content inside service


Spotify has opened up their cool new music streaming service to allow for third-party app integration for a better music experience. The new platform is called Spotify Apps and is currently in beta. Spotify has also included several cool new integrated services to further enhance our music listening experience.

“Spotify Apps are a bunch of cool, exciting and integrated apps inside Spotify, created by some of the best and brightest in the world. Each app brings you a new music experience tailored to you,” Spotify stated in an official blog post.

The new Apps platform launched today with several partners including Billboard, Fuse,, The Guardian, Moodagent, Pitchfork, We Are Hunted, Rolling Stone, Songkick, Soundrop, and TuneWiki. These apps can be accessed through the App Finder, availalbe inside the Spotify application, which is currently in beta.

For example, the TuneWiki app will give you the lyrics to the song you are currently playing.

“The apps you’ll discover over the next few days are only the beginning. We’ll surprise you, and probably be surprised ourselves, with many more new and wonderful experiences that will make Spotify even better,” the music service stated.