Sports Tracker app receives a major update, adds a host of new features


Sports Tracker for Windows Phone receives a major update; adds new accurate WP8 Interface, brings Live Tile & Lock Screen support

Popular fitness monitoring app Sports Tracker has updated its Windows Phone client. And it’s a huge one! For those who are unfamiliar of this app, Sports Tracker brings several fitness monitoring tools to your Windows Phone. Using it, you can keep a tab on your heart rate and analyze your workout data.

Its app description explains the app quite succinctly. “Turn your mobile into a social sports computer with Sports Tracker –  Now with heart rate functions! Track and analyze your performance, share workout data with your friends, and most of all – get fit and stay healthy.”

The new update has bumped the version to v1.0.1.10 and brought along a new, and more accurate Windows Phone 8 GPS interface. Support for Live tiles and visibility in the Lock screen has also been pushed to the app. Among many other additions, you can now easily share your workout data on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Here’s a complete list of new features and additions to the app:

  • Data from the previous workout will be used as default values at the time of new workout session.
  • Button appearances have been changed.
  • Icons for new workout type selections have been added.
  • Addition of a progress bar which shows if the synchronization process is taking place.
  • Week information in the diary has been sorted as well.
  • Users will now be notified if their workout data isn’t being synced.
  • An icon to denote the missing paddling, text prediction and delete button in the workout summary have been pushed.
  • Fixed tracking page’s last km pace unit to be pace unit (not speed unit)
  • Replaced current/average heart rate info with average speed/pace info in tracking page’s data view
  • Altitude’s value in tracking page has been fixed.
  • Also, tons of bugs have been resolved.

If you have this app on your Windows Phone, it is high time you visited the Store and checked the update section. Rest of us can visit the VIA link and snag the latest version of this app.