Here’s Sony’s redesigned PlayStation VR2 headset

Arif Bacchus

Roughly a month after teasing it, Sony has come out and revealed a first look at the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality system for PlayStation 5 consoles. The new headset matches the “orb” look of the previously detailed controller and fits well with all the design principles of the PlayStation 5, but with some unique tweaks.

As a reminder, this new headset sports two 2000×2040 OLED displays with a 90 or 120Hz refresh rate that can provide a 110-degree field of view. Other features include inside-out tracking, 3D audio, vibration motors, and eye-tracking technology. When it comes to the design, though, Sony was aiming to add emphasis on roundness to the headset, as well as creating a product that can “become an attractive part of your living room decor.”

In doing so, you’ll notice some familiar features from the first-gen headset like an adjustable headband, adjustable scope. New features on PlayStation VR2, though, include lens adjustment dials, a built-in motor for the headset feedback, and a slimmer design with slight weight reduction, plus air vents above the front surface of the scope for increased ventilation. Sony even went with a single-cord design, so it’s easier to get up and running.

No launch date was announced, but the virtual reality and headset space has become hotly contested as of recently, especially with the metaverse coming into play. Microsoft might have drama in its HoloLens team, but Apple’s long-talked-about mixed reality headset is said to have completed production tests and could launch this year.