Sony creates new PlayStation PC label for its exclusive games launching on Windows

Laurent Giret

Sony has registered a new “PlayStation PC LLC” label for its PlayStation exclusive games that are being ported on Windows. The new label has been spotted on the Steam listings for PlayStation exclusive games, where it has replaced the existing “PlayStation Mobile, Inc.” publisher name on some titles (via VGC).

The PlayStation PC LLC label has been registered in April according to a Corporation Wiki listing, though Sony has yet to officially discuss this new brand. However, the PlayStation division has already showed that it’s serious about bringing more PlayStation exclusive games to Windows, with the best-sellers God of War and Uncharted 4 coming to PC in 2022.

If Microsoft now releases most of its new first-party games simultaneously on Xbox and PC (with the exception of the freshly-released Age of Empires IV), Sony has ignored PC gamers for a long time. This strategy has been working very well for the company, with a first-party game like God of War selling 19.5M copies since its release on PlayStation 4 back in 2018.

Most PlayStation first-party games are real system-sellers for Sony, and it probably makes sense for the company to wait a couple of years before bringing these games to Windows. We’ve already seen some high-profile PlayStation exclusives come to PC such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, and this likely just the beginning. Earlier this year, Sony announced the acquisition of Nixxes Software, a developer known for its excellent work on PC ports.