SongArc goes Universal, appears in the Windows 10 Store

Vu Anh Nguyen

Ever since the advent of Windows 10, the Windows Store on PC has been slowly populated with more and more quality games in a variety of genres (thanks in no small part to Microsoft’s effort in bringing over Xbox exclusives); one category that it is still sorely lacking, however, is in rhythm games. or those clamoring for a solid musical gaming experience from the Store, we have good news: critically acclaimed Windows Phone game SongArc has become a Universal Windows App.

The name should be no stranger to Windows Phone enthusiasts, or even just general Windows Phone users of years past: SongArc – from the titular is one of the highest-quality games for the platform, with consistent support from the developers, a shining beacon in the proverbial Windows Phone gaming desert (comparatively). That is not to say SongArc is merely “better than nothing”: the game is a phenomenal rhythm game by itself, with great minimalistic graphics, a touch-optimized playstyle reminiscent of Guitar Hero, and the ability to play with music sheets created from existing songs on your device, share your sheets as well as purchase pre-created sheets with in-game coins (more than 140,000 sheets created at this point).

From initial impression, the transition of the game to Windows 10 Store has thankfully not cost it any of its luster: the game is nicely optimized for high-resolution big screens, and still look pin-sharp on a Surface Book. The gameplay is just as addictive as ever; the big screen, however, adds a level of easiness or challenge depending on your view it: consecutively notes are spaced out easier to hit, but there’s more ground to cover. The game’s most unique feature, the Sheet Creator, seems to also be working as intended; unfortunately, there were no songs on my computer to test it on, and  from the video tutorial, it looks like a certain level of musical affinity will be needed.

Overall, the app is a great addition to the list of high-quality Universal Windows Apps games, and should making fans of the game on other platforms, rhythm games enthusiasts, or simply gamers with a creative side, happy for some time to come.

Developer: Response
Price: Free