Some new Windows devices are shipping with unsupported software

Brad Stephenson

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The delay of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update has apparently resulted in some unexpected frustrations for certain OEMs according to a report by Petri’s Brad Sams who has spoken to several company employees off the record.

The problems come as a result of hardware manufacturers building PCs on pre-release builds of 1809, the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, but are now being forced to release them with 1803, the current build of Windows 10, installed after that update was postponed.

Releasing hardware with a version of an operating system that it wasn’t tested on has the potential to cause some compatibility issues, particularly with those devices using a SnapDragon 850 processor such as Lenovo.

“The [SnapDragon] 850 is only designed to run on 1809 which is, right now, the Schrodinger’s version of Windows,” Sams states. “Which means that the devices that are being sold today, with a Snapdragon 850, are shipping with an untested iteration of Windows.”

It’s unclear how big of an issue this will be going forward but, since companies are going ahead and shipping their hardware anyway, it seems unlikely that this incompatibility will cause too many major problems for the average consumer. It will definitely be interesting to watch though.

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