Solus Project Xbox One release date finally revealed

Staff Writer

Solus Project

Xbox Wire recently posted information on a new survival game, set to launch at the end of this month. The latest entry into the survival genre is called The Solus Project. In this game, players are tasked with saving the human race while stranded on an alien planet.

Unlike other survival type games, The Solus Project presents players with various elements that have immediate effects on their survival. Weather will affect the amount of time players can scavenge for materials on the planet, with an overcast sky creating colder nights or a bright sun causing the planet to become increasingly hotter throughout the day. To be a successful survivalist, players must  also collect different materials and items, scattered across the planet. These items will aid players in crafting weapons and resources to use throughout the game and help discover the secrets of the planet and ultimately help save the human race.

The Solus Project looks to inject some new ideas into the survival genre as CEO, Jakub Mikyska of GRIP Digital says, “we can’t wait to show the players something different – a narrative-driven, single player survival experience, full of mystery and millennia-old secrets.”

Players get a chance to play the first episode of this game on Xbox Game Preview February 26th. The remaining episodes for this game will be released in upcoming updates, opening up new areas to explore and continuing the story, with the final version releasing May 2016.

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