Smite gets full keyboard and mouse support in latest Xbox One update

Dave W. Shanahan

Xbox, Xbox One

There is a new update to Smite, the free-to-play, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game for Xbox One. As noted in a post on Xbox Wire, the newest Smite update, “The Vigilant,” is now available and adds full keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One, including a new character, Heimdallr, a Norse Hunter god.

Here’s a video look at Heimdallr in SMITE’s The Vigilant update.

Among the more notable changes available in SMITE’s The Vigilant update include the introduction of Heimdallr and his new Hunter abilities:

  • His basic attacks have a longer animation time and higher damage scaling
  • These attacks rotate between ranged cleaves vs higher damage single target, following an A-A-B chain.
  • His base stats are on the tankier side for hunters, or similar to the lower end of Warriors.
  • He has no ability that temporarily boosts his attack speed or power
  • Can gain vision of areas of the map in ways other than wards, as many as 3 of of his abilities can grant him vision bonuses, and some can even see stealthed enemies.
  • Has a movement ability, but one that requires planning and functions unlike any other ability in SMITE
  • An Ultimate that features new tech and visuals to create a unique experience, especially for the enemy hit by it.

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