Skype Preview for Insiders updated with quick fix for startup crashes

Kit McDonald

As we reported yesterday, Skype Preview version released to Windows Insiders was crashing upon startup for many users. As with most app breaking issues, the Skype team addressed the bug with a quick fix version 11.10.147 rolled to Fast, Slow, and Release Preview rings.

When asked why such a broken update was rolled out in the first place, Luis-Escobar of the Skype staff released this statement on the community forum:

We just published a fix in version 11.10.147 and you should be getting it shortly.

As to your question, this was only seen by users in the Windows Insider program. Although not ideal this situations can happen, we should always remember that at the end of the day there are humans building these apps smile
Luckily this issue was fixed fast and you and all of our users affected will be able to continue using Skype Preview.

We really appreciate your feedback and the fact that you took the time to report this issue, and we will work really hard so situations like this don’t happen again.

Hopefully, this resolved the issues that many users were having starting up Skype Preview. Windows Insiders are encouraged to download this newest update as soon as possible.

Developer: Skype
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