Skype Community passes major milestone, reaches two million registered users


Skype passes major milestone, reaches two million registered users

Microsoft is proud to announce that the Skype Community has reached a new milestone of two million registered users. This is not to be confused with the registered users of the service, rather, it has to do with those who register to partake in Skype’s online forum.

“The Skype Community recently passed a major milestone by welcoming its 2,000,000th registered user! We are thrilled that two million people from around the world have joined us to ask and answer questions, share stories and talk about Skype,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

As the company welcomes two million registered Skype Community users, Microsoft has also created “idea boards” where Skype users can contribute ideas for the future of Skype on Windows desktop and Windows Phone. This is where your suggestions can help improve the service.

“At the moment we have idea boards open where you can contribute your ideas for the future of Skype for Windows desktop and Skype for Windows Phone. The information that you provide here is regularly reviewed and fed into the development process for future releases. We’re continually expanding this program so keep an eye out for more idea boards coming soon,” the company added.

You can check out the Skype Community at

Editor’s note: This post incorrectly stated that Skype reached two million registered users. It is the Skype Community that has reached two million registered users.