Skype improves chat with enhanced notifications, better syncing — and there’s more to come!


Skype improves chat with enhanced notifications, better syncing -- and there's more to come!

Instant messaging and video chats are now just as important as email, particularly in business. Skype has been undergoing a number of improvements to provide a better experience, starting off with changes that will be welcomed by anyone using Skype on multiple devices. Gone are the days of reading messages on one devices only to find they are still unread on another!

The introduction of push notifications makes it easier than ever to keep up to date with all of your messages, and improved chat syncing means you can access your message history more quickly than ever. Mobile users can enjoy improved battery life as well, and there is also faster app-switching and start times.

All of the talk about the improvements that have already been made is great, but there is a lot more in the pipeline as well. If you use Skype on your computer, phone and tablet, you be aware that it can be quite annoying to have a notification sound on all three devices when a message comes through. In the coming months Skype will be able to detect which device you are using and only sound a notification there. Hooray!

Other upcoming improvements including the syncing of favorite contacts, but is there anything else you think should be added or changed?