Skype helps interior design firm go completely virtual

Kit McDonald

The ability to travel while maintaining an online business is extremely rewarding. Especially for Allison Harlow of CURIO Design Studio. For Allison, not only does Skype allow her personal time to communicate with her friends and family, but it is the base that her business is built on.

CURIO Design Studio is an interior design created by Harlow after she and her husband moved to Norway. Picking up and going was easy, but maintaining a lifestyle wasn’t. With Skype, she was able to take on her clients and consult with them no matter where she was.

With a look at the space through video calls, discussion with her clients, and a fact sheet on hand of measurements and styles, Allison is able to conduct her interior design almost the same as she would do so at home–perhaps even better given the nearly limitless reach of online clientele. She boasts,

As long as I have my laptop I can work. I have worked from the United States, Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan, Japan, Norway, Denmark, Poland… the list goes on.

Learn more about Allison Harlow and check out CURIO Design Studio, just another example of moving forward towards a more accessible business design.