Skype goes to Aspen for the Winter XGames


Skype goes to Aspen for the Winter Xgames

Even if you aren’t a sports fanatic, you are likely familiar with ESPN’s XGames. After all, extreme sports are rather hard to ignore, thanks to shear spectacle. In the same way folks slow down to look at accidents, they tune into events in which someone could be injured.

And Microsoft’s communications arm, Skype, is heading to Aspen, Colorado to be part of this year’s action. Today, Skype’s Jackie Lee-Joe announces “to get you closer to the X Games, we’ve wrangled VIP access across the board for some uber sports fans. You’re going to get close to some of our Extreme VIPs, who will give you their personal take on all the action, reactions, gossip and general tomfoolery via #SkypeXGames. Keep sending them your suggestions on what shenanigans you want to see next”.

No, the company isn’t flying you to the games, but simply providing a bit of commentary to compliment your viewing of the event. To get you ready, the company posted a video from Sage Kostenburg, which you can check out below.