Skype for Linux updated to version 1.10, gains video calling support

Laurent Giret

The Skype team has released today another update to its new Skype for Linux client that it introduced earlier in July. The latest version 1.10 finally brings supports for video calls on Linux, though there is a catch as Skype video calls are only available on Skype for Linux users for now. The team explained why in a new post on Skype community (via Neowin):

The team has been working hard on bringing video calls on Linux and today we have the experimental version ready for you. We are not quite there. The 1-on-1 video calls work only between Skype for Linux Alpha clients for now. Despite the early phase, we’d like to ask you, the Linux community, to help us with testing. Please let us know how the video works for you.

Additionally, the Skype team also explained that it would disable older versions of Skype for Linux following this latest release, and those of you who are still running versions 1.1 to 1.6 will soon be asked to download the new bits. If you didn’t test the app yet, you could do so by downloading the DEB package or the RPM package.