Skype creates new Mojis to promote Coldplay’s latest album

Kit McDonald

British rock band Coldplay has collaborated with Skype to bring some now Mojis to the app’s already massive library. The band is celebrating its upbeat album Head Full of Dreams, released in December 2015. The vibrant video clips were created based on tracks from the album and fixed up by their band’s producer Rik Simpson.

The band’s drummer Will Champion explained to Skype’s blog that their music always tries to create a sense of togetherness, with hope, positivity, and love. Those positive feelings are often shared in many ways through the creative process. As Chris Martin explained:

“Often in the studio we have a room where we go and paint and draw and stuff. We think about the artwork as the music is coming, at the same time. What’s also cool is the artwork for this album has lots of little motifs anyway… so they lent themselves for use on some of the Mojis.”

Skype is always adding new Mojis to the mix with events such a movie promotions and holidays. How better to express yourself than adding a few new Coldplay Mojis to lift your spirits? Try them out in the latest update for Skype.