Signing in to xCloud soon won’t sign you out on Xbox, report says

Laurent Giret

Microsoft is planning to remove an important Xbox Live restriction that currently prevents Xbox gamers to use the same Microsoft account on different devices at the same time. According to a report from Windows Central, Microsoft is currently testing this Xbox Live change internally ahead of the integration of the new Cloud gaming component (Project xCloud) in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in September.

As of today, accessing Project xCloud on a mobile device while already being signed in on your Xbox console will automatically sign you out from the latter. That’s quite inconvenient if you or other family members would like to continue using your console with your account while you’re playing Xbox games on your phone via Project xCloud. “You’ll still only be able to launch games on one device at a time using your account, but this new system means that you’ll be able to play the best Xbox One games via Cloud gaming on your phone, without being signed out of your consoles,” Windows Central explained.

With Cloud gaming, Microsoft plans to make over 100 Xbox Game Pass games available on Android devices for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The service will launch on September 15 in 22 countries, but a preview is already available with the beta version of the Xbox Game Pass app for Android.