ShadowFX gains support for Windows 10 custom accent color

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft, Windows 10, Apps

Stardock’s ShadowFX, a program that adds drop-shadow effects to your Windows 8/10 windows, got an update adding two new shadow styles, and now ShadowFX has the ability to automatically use your Windows 10 accent color (via Windows Central.)

ShadowFX’s two new shadow styles are Modern and Surround; these two new shadow styles offer different drop shadows for your windows. ShadowFX will automatically default to your Windows 10 accent color and use the same hue as other accents in other windows.

Stardock’s ShadowFX adds another level of customization for your Windows 10 desktop experience with drop shadows for your windows. Stardock offers other Windows utility tools through Object Desktop. Current ShadowFX and Object Desktop owners can download the latest update via their Stardock accounts. ShadowFX is available for purchase for $5.00 here.