Sea of Thieves video game gets Davy Jones content and more in latest Xbox and PC update

Brad Stephenson

Davy Jones in Sea of Thieves video game on Xbox Series X and Windows PC

The Sea of Thieves 2.2.1 update is now live on Xbox consoles and Windows PCs and with it comes a variety of new cosmetics inspired by Davy Jones (added to the Pirate Emporium), improvements to enemy encounters and Tall Tale events, and a change to ship spawning near Golden Sands, Sanctuary, and Ancient Spire Outposts that makes ships appear closer to the dock.

Here’s the list of new Outpost cosmetics added with this update:

  • Thriving Wild Rose Set: The Outpost shipwrights, along with the clothing, equipment and weapon shops, now offer the Thriving Wild Rose set for purchase. Players must obtain the Always Yours Commendation to unlock access to this set.
  • Hardy Ruffian Sea Dog Set: The Outpost clothing shops now stock the Hardy Ruffian Sea Dog clothing set, available to purchase for gold.
  • Sovereign Eyepatches: The Emerald Sovereign and Sapphire Sovereign Eyepatches have been added to the Outpost clothing shops, locked behind the Master Emerald Curse Breaker and Master Sapphire Curse Breaker Commendations.
  • Dawn Hunter Set: The missing Dawn Hunter Shirt has been added to the Outpost clothing shops, locked behind the Plundered Prizes Commendation.

And here’s the full list of gameplay improvements made to Sea of Thieves:

Hit Registration on Moving Ships

  • Improvements have been made to how bullets are affected by the velocity of a moving ship, providing a small improvement to ranged weapons fired from moving ships.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life Tall Tale Improvements

  • During ‘The Sunken Pearl’ and ‘Dark Brethren’ Tall Tales, when a crew engages with an encounter and the room is locked, other crews approaching the encounter room will now find a notification on the locked door indicating that the room is currently in use by another crew.

Island Enemy Encounters

  • When encountering emergent threats while exploring islands, crews are now less likely to encounter Ocean Crawlers and Phantoms.
  • When attacked by Ocean Crawlers while exploring islands, the number of enemies that attack in a wave has been significantly reduced.
  • When facing a crew of Ocean Crawlers, crews will often find they have more time to tackle these challenging new foes before encountering additional threats.
  • After crews complete a Bounty Quest on a named island, there is now a longer delay before they may find themselves attacked by emergent threats.
  • When players defeat a Phantom, there is now a chance that they will drop Gold Pouches which can be collected to award gold to your crew immediately.

Deep Sea Enemy Encounters

  • When players swim into deep water, the time span before a Siren encounter has been broadened, and their presence should be felt less strongly than before.
  • Crews swimming in deep water will now be attacked less frequently by sharks and Sirens together in a wave.

Trident of Dark Tides Balancing

  • When players wield the Trident of Dark Tides, Megalodons and emergent Krakens now take reduced damage from the Trident’s attacks.

Rowboat Interactions

  • The Rowboat’s back seat now shows both ‘Sit in Seat’ and ‘Open Storage’ options together.
  • To sit in a Rowboat’s passenger seats, players will be prompted by ‘Hold to Sit’ instead of ‘Press to Sit’. Controlling the oars remains unchanged and is still ‘Press to Sit’.

Ship Spawning

  • Ships at Golden Sands, Sanctuary and Ancient Spire Outposts should now spawn closer to the dock, meaning players should no longer need to swim to reach their ship.

Ancient Coin Wallet

  • When earning Ancient Coins, players will now see the number of coins earned tick up in the notification area alongside any gold and Doubloons earned.

The full, extensive, release notes with details on accessibility changes and other updates can be read online here.

Sea of Thieves is currently in its third season of content. Season 3 added a variety of new in-game items and events and also featured the game’s first major crossover collaboration by introducing Jack Sparrow from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

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