Satya Nadella supports’s petition to improve computer science education

Michael Cottuli

Anyone who’s active in the worlds of technology, politics, or education is at least somewhat aware of the fact that the United States is currently not doing enough to make sure that children are being educated about computer science early in their lives. As the world continues to be more and more entrenched in the advancement of technology, making sure that the next generation is ready to carry the torch of computer science becomes increasingly important., a non-profit organization based in Seattle, has just put out a petition on asking the United States congress to “amplify and accelerate the local efforts in classrooms, unlock opportunity in every state, and give an answer to all the parents and teachers who believe that every student, in every school, should have a chance to learn computer science.” At the time of publication, the petition is only one thousand signatures away from its goal of ten thousand.

Behind this petition, among an absolutely massive list of supporters in the business world, is Microsoft’s own Satya Nadella–a frequent supporter of throughout all of its efforts. The event was tweeted out through several of Microsoft-related Twitter accounts, including the Microsoft Silicon Valley account and the account of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

This petition is representative of an issue facing the American people that must be tackled immediately. The loud support of industry professionals from both technology-related businesses and businesses dealing in countless other products and services should help make a difference. Widespread support should prove to those skeptical of the proposed investment that an improved focus on computer sciences in our schools is going to be relevant not only to those who want to go on to become programmers and engineers, but to anybody who wants to stay competitive in the future of the 21st century.

If you want to become more involved in’s movement beyond signing their petition, you can go right here.