Samsung reportedly disabling Windows Update on some devices

Sean Cameron

window 10

It is generally the case with any manufacturer that, upon your purchase of its product, it is eminently preferred that you continue to use that manufacturer’s services for some time to come. This is certainly the mantra that the likes of Samsung work under, but this can quite often be of some inconvenience to the end user.

This is emphasized in a recent report from BSOD Analysis, who has found after some sleuthing that Samsung has disabled Windows Update on its laptops. Instead, users are prompted to update via the South Korean firm’s own “SW Updater”. It was found that, even when SW Updater was deactivated, upon rebooting it would immediately resume blocking Windows Update.

The reasons for this are many. It could be an attempt to delay updates until all Samsung services are updated accordingly. It could be for security purposes, or even just the look of things. Sidestepping this issue is easy, requiring a simple uninstall of SW Updater, following which Windows Update ought to function as normal.