Runaway hit “Untitled Goose Game” could come to Xbox One, PS4 soon

Dave W. Shanahan

Xbox One

Popular on the Nintendo Switch, “Untitled Goose Game,” may soon make its way to Xbox One and PS4. As noted in a post by VentureBeat, the game’s developer, House House told ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company; via Eurogamer) that the team is working on bringing the game to other platforms.

The point of Untitled Goose Game is simple. You play a goose and you go around causing as much havoc as possible. For the past week, Untitled Goose Game is the #1 downloaded game on Nintendo Switch in the US. The game is also available in the Epic Games Store on Windows 10 PC. Here’s the trailer for Untitled Goose Game.

While House House is working on bringing the game to consoles, the developer has not yet decided on whether to bring the game to Android or iOS. Cabel Sasser, the founder of Panic Inc., Untitled Goose Game’s publisher, explained on Twitter that a mobile version would require some extra design work.

At the moment, House House has no plans just yet for any new DLC for Untitled Goose Game. Stay tuned, we may hear more from House House on a new game that it is in the works.