Rumor: Windows 9 Free for XP and above users



According to Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley, Windows 9 is soon to be ready and is expected to be the best version of Windows released to date.  The operating system is expected to be available in early 2015 with the ability to run on all devices whether tablet, PC or mobile phones. 

This rumor highlights that users on Windows XP, Vista and 7 will all get this update for free.  This would allow for many users to jump aboard the operating system while reducing the confusion with the different Windows versions.  This update is also considered to be useful to the PC market, allowing for more PC’s to be sold to masses. 

Rumors of free upgrades from Microsoft are not new but would be interesting to see in this scenario.  It is believed that there will be two different beta versions of the operating system that will be released before launch.  One, if not both, betas of Windows 9 could be released by October or November. 

Keep in mind this is still a rumor, once there is more information released on this we will let you all know.  Do give your feedback of whether you believe this is accurate or not.