Rumor: Samsung getting out of the Windows notebook business in favor of Chromebooks


rumor: Samsung getting out of the Windows business in favor of Chromebooks

Alright, I know what you are thinking. And before you scroll down to the comments and start firing away at me, let me clarify one important fact of this “story” — the report originates from Digitimes.

With that said, there is little detail included, aside from a bunch of numbers for shipment goals, with absolutely none of the information sourced. Where did these figures come from? We’re left to wonder that question. There is also no mention of Windows tablets.

“Samsung Electronics has set a goal of shipping seven million notebooks globally in 2014, a reduction of 41.67% from the 12 million units shipped in 2013, and will no longer launch conventional notebook models except Chromebooks in 2015,according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers”, the report claims.

The whole idea isn’t completely farfetched. After all, we buy a lot of Samsung phones, and the company’s Chromebook is a hot seller — it was out of stock everywhere last holiday season (I know, our daughter wanted one and we couldn’t find it). On the other hand, how many people buy Samsung Windows notebooks?

Still, getting out of the Windows notebook business? According to Digitimes that will be the case by 2015. All I can offer is the simple statement that it looks as if Digitimes is at it again. We can’t accuse them, but we can point out a complete lack of sourcing and quotes from the company. We’ll leave you, the reader, to decide what you think.