Rumor Roundup: Both Windows 10 flagships may support USB C, Windows Hello, Continuum, and more

Sean Michael

Lumia phone

This article has quite a few rumors so take it with a grain of salt but some speculated details of both unconfirmed Windows 10 flagship phones have emerged from and There’s also rumors about the successor to the Lumia 1020. Windows Central put all of them together.

First up is the rumor from that the code named devices “Talkman” and “Cityman” will support USB Type C. USB Type C is a do it all type of cord that is only currently in the new Macbook. There’s some speculation that USB Type C is required for Continuum but that is unconfirmed as it’s also been said that Continuum could work wirelessly.

Next is the rumor from that the bodies of “Cityman” and “Talkman” will have aluminum body frames, similar designs to the Lumia 830, and have a removable polycarbonate backs. also reiterated the rumored specs of the flagship devices.

There’s also rumors that both devices will have iris scanners which work with Windows Hello and wireless charging.

Lastly there’s a rumor that the successor to the Lumia 1020 is on the way but not until 2016.

If these specs and reports are true, the clamoring for flagship devices may be quelled. These phones would be sporting top of the line internals, high end cameras, support for Windows Hello, wireless charging, large removable batteries, MicroSD card support, and Continuum.