Rogers Sportsnet app launches on Xbox One

Arif Bacchus

Xbox One

Ever since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update made it’s way over to the Xbox One, a select group of UWP Apps has become usable on Microsoft’s gaming console. An eagle-eyed Redditor noticed one of these apps and took to the r/xbox one community to spread the news that the Rogers Sportsnet app is now available on the One.

Sportsnet, image from u/xwt-timster on Reddit
Sportsnet. Image from u/xwt-timster on Reddit

The availability of the app means that those who live in Canada can now watch their favorite Sportsnet channels and clips directly from their Xbox One. It is worth noting that the app does not require you to be a Sportsnet subscriber to view video highlights or clips. However, streaming features in Rogers Sportsnet is only available for those with Rogers Cable, Bell, Shaw, Telus, Cogego, SaskTel, or Source, as a TV provider.  As per this FAQ Page, streaming from within the app is also only available in Canada, and the app will not allow streaming if you download from outside Canada or move your console outside Canada.

So, will you give this app a try? Let us know your thoughts on this app by dropping us a comment below!