Rob Schneider plays ‘Google Docs’ in another Office 365 video, shows how he can be unproductive


Microsoft vs Google

Microsoft recently put up a video as well as a blog post highlighting why using Google Apps is similar to taking a gamble. Microsoft touts Google Apps as a platform that compromises an organization’s security and privacy. In a new video featuring actor Rob Schneider, Microsoft points out how unproductive Google Docs really is.

In the video, Google Docs is represented by actor Rob Schneider and Office is represented by someone who is great at basketball. While at the basketball court, Google Docs begins to bring the team down. “Google Docs! You’re making everybody out here less productive, even your own team has to work harder!” the video mentions. It’s a pretty funny and entertaining video. Take a look at the video below.

Just recently, the city of Boston, Massachusetts, as well as other organizations, have dropped Microsoft’s Exchange platform for Google Apps. More than 20,000 city employees including the Major will be shifted over to Google Apps. According to Microsoft, Google cant compare to Microsoft when it comes to Exchange. In fact, Google “lacks the proper protections most organizations require.”