Pre-order Resident Evil 4 and Momentum today on Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

Resident Evil 4 on Xbox One

Resident Evil 4 and Momentum can now be pre-ordered and pre-downloaded on the Xbox One. Resident Evil 4 is a re-release of the Xbox 360 game of the same name. It has received a graphics upgrade and now boasts a 1080p resolution and a faster frame rate. It’s due for release on August 30th.

Here’s the official game description: Resident Evil 4 arrives on Xbox One in full 1080p HD with an increased frame rate. This revolutionary masterpiece represents a turning point for the series as it brought the gameplay to a third-person over-the-shoulder perspective for the first time. Featuring a thrilling storyline taking place after the destruction of Umbrella Corporation, Resident Evil 4 not only changed the course of Resident Evil, but influenced countless other titles as well.

Pre-order Resident Evil 4 on Xbox One

Momentum, on the other hand, is a platformer which tasks the player to navigate through complex 3D mazes. The game is set for release in just a few days on August 12th. The game can be pre-downloaded after it’s pre-ordered but it won’t be playable until its release date.

Here’s the official description: Experience a new perspective with Momentum, a physics based platformer. Choose one of many unlockable balls, and then skillfully maneuver it through 3D labyrinths. Race the clock as you rotate labyrinths and use gravity to your advantage. But be careful, because you could easily lose control. Momentum’s zen atmosphere contrasts with its challenging gameplay. The soothing soundtrack and detailed environments combine to create a truly unique, relaxing vibe.

Pre-order Momentum on Xbox One

Resident Evil 4 and Momentum aren’t the only Xbox One pre-orders that were announced today. Prominence Poker and Uno’s pre-orders also went live just a few hours ago. Also, while gamers are still waiting for their digital pre-order links, official release dates were announced for Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 and Armello.

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