Resellers offered 50 per cent of web-based email revenue


Hosted email specialist, MailQuatro, launches reseller programme in UK which guarantees revenue for partners for all new accounts through lifetime of subscription

London, 2011: MailQuatro, a web-based email provider, has today announced a lucrative new reseller programme that provides all registered partners with 50 per cent recurring revenue throughout the lifetime of all new subscriptions they secure to the service.

The MailQuatro solution is an extremely attractive option for business users as it is secure, inexpensive and easy to administrate. The system offers 24 hour web-based access from any computer, anywhere, with a web connection, as well as robust security features that eliminate spam and viruses. MailQuatro is also well-suited to firms that require fast access to past records as it also includes a 10-year archive and audit function – including the ability to retrieve deleted emails.

MailQuatro launched its easy-to-use solution in the UK earlier this month and now wants resellers of all sizes to be an integral part of its expected future growth. Reseller partners will receive up to £46 per month for each new subscriber to its on-demand service generated, for as long as the client’s account remains active.

“We have extremely ambitious growth plans for the business and are now looking for UK partners of all sizes to help spread the word about the solution and share in our future financial success,” says MailQuatro founder and CEO, Philippos Nikiforou. “Our platform is simple to use and easy to sell, which makes it a highly lucrative potential new revenue stream for resellers.”

The flexibility that web-based email gives is attracting a rapidly growing number of users. The market is expected to soar in the next three years – with technology market research firms such as The Radicati Group, Inc predicting that hosted email could grow to a staggering £3.1 billion worldwide by 2014.

Resellers of all types can join the programme, including web designers and developers, IT consultants and bloggers. To sign-up, log on to, create a free account, login and then submit your reseller account activation request from within the clients section on the left hand menu. Activation will take place within the same business day.

Five reasons to join MailQuatro’s reseller programme:

1. MailQuatro presents a simple new add-on revenue stream from new and existing clients

2. MailQuatro is so easy to set up and use that resellers need provide no training or customer support and can simply add new clients inside their reseller dashboards

3. MailQuatro suits any kind of business that uses email – which means that there is a massive potential target audience

4. MailQuatro is strongly committed to supporting all new reseller partners who will form an integral part of future business success. The firm is offering dedicated reseller email and phone support, along with transparent reporting and online marketing tools

5. MailQuatro is the leading email hosting for business solution, making it a better alternative companies to Outlook/Exchange and Gmail for many modern companies