Registry Preview is coming to PowerToys

Priya Walia


Microsoft is set to introduce a fresh addition to its open-source PowerToys suite, the Registry Preview tool. This forthcoming feature is specifically designed for advanced users and will enable them to preview the impact of importing a .reg file into the registry, along with registry editing options. The disclosure of integrating this tool into PowerToys was recently publicized on the project’s GitHub repository.

Registry Preview is set to introduce its own in-built registry editing tool, which will eliminate the need for adjustments through .reg files using external software like Notepad. Moreover, the team is working towards implementing a context menu entry for effortless access to Registry Preview and its manifold range of features. However, it is worth noting that the current stage of development is uncertain, and the release schedule will depend on a multitude of factors, such as finalizing a well-rounded set of functionalities and options.

Registry Preview is a tool that helps Windows administrators preview Registry files before importing them into the Registry. Rather than opening the file in a text editor, administrators can use this app to view the contents of the file, including the keys and values that it contains. This makes it easier to audit and edit large Registry files with many lines of code. The tool acts as an intermediary between the Registry file and the user, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

Moreover, the Registry Preview tool is furnished with several supplementary options. For instance, it can write content directly to the Windows Registry or open the Registry Editor. The latter is especially useful for verifying existing settings or creating a backup of the Registry before importing any data. Additionally, changes can be saved to Registry files, which maximizes its efficiency and productivity.

The latest iteration of PowerToys is equipped with a novel feature that allows users to modify their Registry files through its interface, thereby enhancing their experience. You can access this functionality by simply clicking on the “edit file” button, which automatically displays any changes made as previews directly in the interface.

Via Beta News