Readit on Windows 10 updated, now has a true dark theme and many more improvements

Jack Wilkinson

Readit Windows App for Reddit

Readit, a third-party Reddit client for Windows 10 devices, has received yet another huge update which brings a large number of improvements and fixes.

The most notable improvements in the latest update are the changes to the themes. The dark theme is now a true dark theme, making the app more suitable for AMOLED screens, along with the light theme being made lighter. Here’s the full list of improvements:

  • Dark theme is now darker (enjoy AMOLED users)
  • Light theme is now a bit lighter
  • Changed some animations in the post viewer such as the comments header and parallax effect added to post content, also the comment count now slides in where the loading indicator is instead of moving abruptly
  • New comment UI, transparent with a new hierarchy indicator
  • Changed the way subreddit post notifications work
    • A toast will only display on screen for the first new post it finds (this applies to every subreddit that you enabled notifications for)
    • All other posts found will be added to the action center silently (at most 4 other notifications for each sub)
  • Added support for the “suggested sort” that mods can set on posts (such as q&a for AMAs)
    • If a suggested sort is set and you visit the link, the suggested sort will be loaded automatically
    • You will know this as it will be indicated with a “(suggested)” tag either in the mobile context menu or the desktop’s dropdown
  • Comments should scroll a bit more smooth than before
  • The app is now ready for Xbox release, just waiting for the store to allow it

Several bugs have also been fixed, which should lead to a smoother and more stable Reddit experience:

  • Fixed cloud sync (roaming data) not syncing correctly for some users
  • Fixed adaptive UI on desktop/tablets not triggering
  • Fixed vevo videos/copyrighted videos not loading
  • Fixed swipe view in profiles for all category options
  • Fixed a bug where posts would fail to load if a youtube url contained uppercase characters randomly
  • Fixed “Select a post…” message disappearing in desktop randomly when there is no post selected
  • Fixed arrow keys navigating posts when in a textbox
  • Fixed links not loading when launching from live tiles for subreddits

The update is available now in the Windows Store.

Price: Free