Readit for Windows 10 receives huge update, numerous fixes and improvements

Jack Wilkinson

Third-party Reddit app, Readit, has received a huge update that brings with it many fixes for issues that users were experiencing, as well as some improvements that lead to a better experience when using the app. The app is available across many Windows 10 devices, including PCs, Mobile, HoloLens and the Surface Hub.

The developer behind the app, Caleb Keith, took to his app’s sub-reddit to announce the update. Some of the notable improvements include:

  • Improvements to Mobilizer functionality
  • Receive toast notifications for new posts in a sub-reddit
  • Save entire picture albums
  • Various improvements to user profiles
  • Open links in a new browser window
  • Improved performance and faster loading

There have also been many bug fixes:

  • Fixed slow loading of youtube videos/video players in general
  • The subreddit name and OP name of posts will now be in the same order for post lists and when viewing a single post
  • When submitting a new post, the subreddits list will now be in alphabetical order
  • The subreddits list will now be in alphabetical order for wallpaper and lockscreen subreddit pickers
  • In a new link window from comments (such as viewing an inline image) on mobile, you can now tap on any edge of the screen to dismiss these windows.
  • The comment count, to go directly to comments, now has a larger hitbox and you can tap in the blank space above or below it as well to go directly to comments.
  • Fixed posts not loading in user profile pages
  • Advanced settings will now load immediately
  • Fixed sidebar overflowing above the top of the screen on mobile

To view the full changelog, take a look at the announcement on Reddit.

Price: Free