Qik shutting down on April 30th, ask users to move to Skype

Hammad Saleem


Do you remember Qik? It’s the same video streaming service that was acquired by Skype for a whopping $150 million in 2011. Well, if you’re still using the service, there’s a piece of bad news for you. Qik has announced that its shutting down all its doors on April 30th. All the app will cease to work and they will be pulled from all app stores, and all the videos will no longer be accessible. Additionally, users who have already downloaded the app on their devices will find out that it will no longer work after April 30th.

“On April 30, 2014, Qik.com will be retiring.  This means all Qik mobile phone apps will cease to work, there will be no more software updates provided and Qik apps will be removed from all App stores. Videos uploaded, shared and embedded using Qik will no longer be available through Qik,” says Qik on their support pages.

The company mentioned the video messaging technology has been implemented in Skype, and as a result, users can keep on using the features on Skype. Qik further said, “We are retiring Qik as the Qik video messaging technology has now been incorporated into Skype. Users can now enjoy a great experience on Skype with features such as audio and video calling, instant messaging and video messaging with contacts in their Skype and Microsoft networks.”

If you’re a regular user of Qik, you’re requested to download the videos you uploaded on the service by heading over to the videos page in your dashboard. Alternatively, the service also lets users upload their videos to YouTube as a backup.