Pyramid Flipper crowdsourced Windows 10 2-in-1 gets final design, now looking for manufacturers

Mark Coppock

Pyramid Flipper Featured

One of the more exciting developments in Windows 10 devices is the Pyramid Flipper by Eve Technology. The Windows 10 2-in-1 device current under development is unique in that its design is entirely the result of a community hosted by the project’s owner Eve Technology, and it’s come up with some interesting new ideas.

Pyramid Flipper Tablet Concept
Pyramid Flipper tablet concept.

We reported about the Pyramid Flipper a few weeks ago, highlighting the project’s goal to make a Windows 10 machine that meets the specific needs of a discrete group of users.

Pyramid flipper is the first device that is being created by end users from day one*. This Windows 10 machine is build to create the whole new edge to your productivity. All day battery life, portability of a tablet and enough power to handle work just as your laptop would. Stay ahead of others by being able to DO stuff in a whole new way!

*You read it right! It is being developed as you read this sentence! Join our community and help us create a device Windows ecosystem needs so much!

Pyramid Flipper Keyboard Concept
Pyramid Flipper keyboard concept.

More recently, the project’s design has been locked, with all of the input over the months culminating in a final design that can now be taken to manufacturers for production. Even with the following specs, Eve Technology expects the Pyramid Flipper to be priced at less than $1,000, making it competitive with Microsoft’s Surface Pro line and Samsung’s TabPro S.

Pyramid Flipper Specifications
Pyramid Flipper specifications.

This is a fascinating project and deserves some attention. We’ll be keeping our eye on the project as an interesting approach to designing a new machine.