PSA: The Sets experiment continues in build 17661, are you seeing it?

Arif Bacchus

Windows 10 Sets

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Microsoft today released Windows 10 build 17661 to Windows Insiders, and it’s jam-packed with lots of new features. Since this build puts Skip Ahead and Fast Rings on the same page, Microsoft is reminding users that the Sets experiment is continuing, so we’d like to know if you’re seeing it on your machine as well.

According to Dona Sarkar, even though Skip Ahead and Fast Ring are now getting the same build, the Sets feature is still a controlled study. This means that not everyone will be seeing it, but everyone who has opted into Skip Ahead before will continue to have the feature on their machines. She also added an interesting note in the blog post, which hints that more people might see the feature:

Unlike the controlled study we did in December, the large majority of Insiders in the Fast ring will see Sets and a smaller group won’t.

So, are you seeing Sets on your machine? Let us know your thoughts below. And be sure to check out our detailed look at Sets, and how it can change your workflow.