ProShot for Windows 10 devices launches tomorrow

Jack Wilkinson

proshot for windows

ProShot is a well-known third-party camera application for Windows Phones, it brings advanced features that go beyond that of the stock camera app provided by Microsoft. For quite some time now, the developers behind the app have been working on an upgraded version which utilises the Universal Windows Platform, to bring the app to other Windows 10 devices, such as PC and mobile.

Today, we now know that the all-new ProShot for Windows 10 will be releasing tomorrow – August 15th. Rise Up Games announced the date on their Twitter:

Those who already purchased the Windows Phone version of the app will need to purchase the new Windows 10 version, as there is no upgrade path available, with Rise Up Games claiming it is a completely new and different app:

In addition to this, some features will also be broken due to a bug in the Anniversary Update. One of the known broken features is the light painting functionality. The developers will be keeping an eye on any new builds to see if they resolve the issues.

We’ll let you know when the app is available to download in the Windows Store.