Project Bletchley blockchain initiative gets new partners on Azure Marketplace

Kit McDonald

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 on Azure Marketplace

The Microsoft Azure team is continuing to improve their blockchain ecosystem, otherwise known as Project Bletchley. Just last month we saw the implementation in Azure Marketplace to develop and deploy blockchain networks from the Azure Portal. Today, they announced that two new partners, Ethcore and Blockstack, have joined the project in the Marketplace with their own solutions.

Ethcore’s published their Parity Ethereum node onto Azure. This blockchain client makes it possible for users to set up their own private Ethereum network for development within minutes compared.

Furthermore, Blockstack has added their hat in the ring with an architecture that can let users control their own data. The Blockstack Core v14 provides a platform to build decentralized apps without a server. Now that it has nodes available on Microsoft Azure, users can likewise access the functionality to process insights of apps and get a full view of security measures.

The team has more in store for Project Bletchley as more partners jump into the Azure Marketplace integration.