Prison Architect slated for Xbox One release

Michael Cottuli

For those of you with an Xbox One who have been meaning to try out some of the indieWit hits that PC gamers are often treated to, the folks at Introversion Software are giving you a chance. Prison Architect, a game that’s been around for a while on Steam and has been met with tons of positive feedback, is going to be coming to the Xbox One in the future. The news was confirmed via Introversion’s Twitter account just yesterday.

The new website, linked in the tweet above, is a fairly snazzy look at the basics of the game that should help prepare console gamers for what they’re getting into with Prison Architect. Prison Architect represents a brand of strategy gaming that barely exists – if at all – in the current console library, and should come as a refreshing surprise to people who haven’t played games of its ilk just yet.

For the uninitiated, you should know that – even more than other strategy games – games like Prison Architect (another similar project is the excellent RimWorld, if you’re familiar with it) the key is planning. The goal of Prison Architect is to build a prison with a design as simple or intricate as you like, and dictate not only the architecture of your prison, but also things like reform policies, and other rules to keep prisoners in line. It’s a very fun game for people who enjoy longer-term gaming experiences that revolve around expansion and NPC management.

How the game is going to handle on Xbox One is yet to be seen, however the team at Introversion certainly has their work cut out for them. It seems like Prison Architect is a game that was built for the PC, and it should be quite a bit of work to make the game feel intuitive and fluid on a gamepad.