Preview Program on a per-app basis is being tested for Windows 10 by Microsoft

Jack Wilkinson

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Those who use Windows 10 are most likely aware of the Windows 10 Preview Program which allows users to test our new updates for Windows 10 before they’re released to the public. Once part of the Preview Program, users also receive early updates to apps, however, Microsoft looks to be wanting to take this a step further.

As of this week, the company has begun inviting users to join individual Preview Programs (via Thurrott) for some of the stock apps on Windows 10, including Windows Camera, Microsoft Photos, Alarms & Clock and more.

There’s been no mention of the Windows App Previews from Microsoft so far, however, it signals a more user-centric process, as it will allow users to gain access to early updates of their favourite apps, without having to sacrifice their Windows 10 device to potentially buggy early builds of Windows 10.